Besides obviously conducting constant and shared bibliographical reviews, direct contact with a number of museums and museological processes will be emphasised.
The research process includes, in a shared manner: observation, organization of themed seminars, memory workshops and other resources deemed more suitable for each situation. On a permanent basis, “wheels of dialogical reflection” (face-to-face and distance) will be created with our partners, aiming in particular to assess knowledge and identify new topics for observation and debate.
As a complement to the face-to-face interaction with all involved, a specific intervention area will be created on the project’s online platform where partners will be able to participate and efficiently share knowledge.
This research also aims to be a factor that improves self-knowledge within each institution, contributing to the institutional growth of each museum or museological process involved and, consequently, to validate the reflection done at each stage (or not). 
The project will be carried out based on the existing partnerships of the Sociomuseology-R&PGUnit and on the network created within the scope of the UNESCO Chair, which will inevitably be expanded in due course.