Main Goals

The research will have an interdisciplinary scope and will also seek, at each moment and in a specific way, to answer some questions regarding which there are still diverse positions, such as: 
• How do these museums differentiate the categories of Public, Users and Beneficiaries?
• How do these museums develop and apply participative management processes?
• How do these museums see and justify their action in the different fields of economic and social inclusion?
• What are the most common topics and approaches in the different social media and websites in the field of Sociomuseology? (Networks of Social and Community Museology from Rio de Janeiro, from São Paulo; Networks of Memory and Social Museology from Ceará, from Rio Grande do Sul, LGBT Network of Memory and Social Museology, MINOM-ICOM Portugal Network, among others)
• How these museums understand and apply dialogic procedures of education ?
• How these museums deal with conflicts in the sociomuseology-education relationship ?